Author: Renee Knight
Genre: Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Contemporary Women
Pages: 304
My Rating: 3 stars


Catherine has a secret that she plans on keeping with her to the grave. The only other person who knows the truth is dead, and Catherine has decided that it is best to keep the past in the past. When a novel shows up at Catherine’s house and she starts to read it, she discovers that this work of “fiction” actually highlights her and the things she is trying to forget. Who is the Author of this mysterious novel, and why has it shown up in Catherine’s life containing secrets from twenty years in the past?

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this book; the summary left a lot to the imagination. Throughout the story you get to see the narrative from different points of view- Catherine, her husband, her son, the Author of the book about Catherine, etc.

“The act of keeping the secret a secret has almost become
bigger than the secret itself.”

Even though the Author of the book wrote and released it in an effort to hurt Catherine, as I was reading I kept seeing more and more examples of how the Author and Catherine were actually similar to one another. The Author’s take on the past is seen as truth because their version was published on paper, and because their take was the first one released for everyone to take in. At the same time, the Author starts to lose reliability as the narrative goes on, but the reader is the only one seeing things from his point of view. Catherine has suspicions that the Author is out for revenge, but who will believe her when she has already been ousted as a liar?

I felt that the novel did a good job of showing how different people interpret things in their own way, and how stories can be twisted and details can be filled in to fit the narrative the story teller is trying to convey. Emotions can cloud people’s truths. Sometimes it can be impossible to know for sure who is telling the truth and who is handing over well-crafted lies.

Image result for lies gif elizabeth taylor


I did predict the end of the story right around the halfway mark, but that didn’t take anything away from reading the rest of the book. There was enough mystery in the clues that were given that the reader couldn’t really be sure until the final reveal. The book wasn’t suspenseful, but the way the story played out kept me interested and wanting to witness the outcome of everything.

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