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Title: Inferno
Author: Catherine Doyle
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 416
My Rating: 5 stars




Vendetta was missing something major and I just couldn’t put my finger on it, but whatever that missing element was, it is definitely NOT missing in this book! I am now officially addicted to this series, and while I won’t go back on the low rating I gave the first installment (seriously, did someone else write that book?), I will encourage you to power through and please continue with the series if you’ve read the first book and you’re not sure!

“Sophie Gracewell, one-time expert at sweeping things under the rug and reigning queen of the ignorance-is-bliss hypothesis, had disappeared. Or been killed, I guess, given the circumstances.”


Sophie is so much better in this book. All of my previous issues with her faded away! She’s defiant, sassy, and way more bold than she has ever been. Now that her eyes are open, they’re OPEN, and she’s confronting all this shit head on. She was so dull in Vendetta, but she actually has a personality now. From the very first page I could tell that the writing in this book was going to be much more developed and that the tone the writing conveyed came across much better.

There were maybe three good lines in the last book, but with this one I was highlighting and making notes every 5 pages; there were so many quotes that stood out. For the level of dark that this book gets, it sure has its lighthearted and funny moments as well. At some points trying to sort out who was related to whom and how all the family trees were structured became kinda hard, but I had to laugh when the author literally called this out in the book: “But in my defense, these Mafia family trees are incredibly complicated and I really only concern myself with the hot members.”

-The author takes a look at the seriousness of PTSD and how people can be affected by trauma well after the incident. She also touches upon how it can manifest itself in unexpected ways, and how it can completely take over your life after a traumatic event.
-LUCA; the donut scene, the flowers, how he treats Sohie when she’s grieving- I don’t know where people got the idea that Nic was the nice one, but this book definitely let everyone’s true colors show.
Millie!! Like I said in my last review, she’s BFF goals, and she’s always there for Sophie- especially when a Falcone boy needs to be put in his place or Sophie needs a pep talk about The Dolphin Philosophy.
-A nightclub shooting, Sophie standing up for herself, switchblades and rubies and hidden safes stuffed with cash

-A love triangle between brothers that has them literally fighting each other


Millie feigned contemplation.
‘I’m just wondering how you usually return a favour. You know, the way Sophie saved your brother’s life and then you went ahead and shot her uncle.’
Oh, what’s that? Why, it’s the elephant in the room.
Nic’s gaze flicked to mine once more. It seemed to say, Please put me out of my misery. ‘I’m trying to make it right,’ he said quietly.
‘Can you unshoot someone?’ asked Millie. ‘I hadn’t heard of that.’


While my daydream of seeing a mother/daughter ass kicking duo with Sophie and her mother didn’t play out, I am sooo happy with where this book ended up going! We got WAY more Millie, more Luca, more suspense, and tons of actual substance in the plot. I honestly don’t understand how the first book in the series could have missed the mark on so many levels, and then we’re given this book that is 200 times better. I couldn’t tear myself away from this book, and there were multiple times where I had to stop for a second and just say “holt shit” and process what I just read. There are tons of loose ends that need to be tied up, and if this book is any indication, then I am totally ready to be murdered by the final book in the series!

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