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Title: Broken Things
Author: Lauren Oliver
Genre: Young Adult, Mystery
Pages: 408
My Rating: 2 stars



“They turned you into demons. Three average, everyday girls. A little lonely, a little ignored. The boy next door. An old book. They made a movie out of you. It was a witch hunt.”


This book was so… blah. The writing was painfully repetitive and everything about it was underwhelming.

-Deals with growing up/growing apart

-Details about killing/hurting a cat (I just can’t stand this in books)
-So much repetition of sayings/ideas
-Pretty predictable mystery. “It seems so obvious now,” Brynn says.” Yes, Brynn, it does.


The repetitive phrases really got to me. The smell of a person’s shampoo is brought up a bunch of times, and some sort of breath holding was brought up more times than I could count. For example (these are all direct quotes):

“For a second I can even smell her, the gum and the apple shampoo .. She smells like my shampoo. .. mascara smudged her cheeks and her breath smelled like strawberries ..  Summer’s breath was warm and smelled like raspberries .. she giggled and slipped a hand in mine and leaned in, smelling like apple shampoo .. they still smell faintly of apple shampoo”

“Owen lets out a big whoosh of air .. once again my breath gets punched out of me … “Brynn,” he says, letting out a long breath .. She lets out a whoosh of air, like she’s been holding her breath this whole time. .. My whole body goes airless, like the words have knocked away my breath. .. Mia exhales, as if she’s been holding her breath. … Finally he lets out a big huff of air, like he’s been holding his breath this whole time. .. He takes a deep breath, like he’s run out of air. .. he takes a deep breath .. she takes a deep breath ..  I take a deep breath .. I feel strangely out of breath”

This wasn’t even a long book!! Use some creativity and branch out a bit!!


Chins are described as pointy way too much. There are also a bunch of offhand comments that are made which are clearly an effort to throw off the readers, for example “I was sad that she died, but I was also a little happy too” “It was my fault she died. I wanted it. I wished for it.”, and they’re all made just before the subject changes. Annoying.

One thing I did enjoy was how the concept of growing up together and then growing apart is touched on. You can know someone so well for a portion of your life, and then you may grow apart and not see each other for years at a time. If and when you’re reunited after a while apart, you start to realize how much you’ve each grown up and how that person has changed from your memory of them- it can be anything from new tattoos or old habits they’ve dropped.

The characters were super immature, and there were a bunch of little things that rubbed me the wrong way. These kids are 18, so it makes sense that they’d have some freedom, but all of the parental figures are MIA in this book and conveniently leave their houses for one reason or another, leaving them open for the teens to hangout at. Then this group of teenagers solves a murder, and the first thing they do is confront the person they think did it instead of going to the police. Why does this always happen in books?!

I wanted this book to make me feel more. The final “reveal” was more of a “yeah, thought so” instead of a “holy shit what!?”, and throughout the whole story nothing much actually happened. This book wasn’t.. bad, per se; it just didn’t have anything special that made it addicting/stand out/exceptional. I was on the fence before I read it due to the reviews I’d seen, and if you’re on the fence as well my advice is to skip it. Spend your time reading something with more of a plot and with less talk of shampoo and breath holding.


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