Title: Traitor to the Throne
Author: Alwyn Hamilton
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance
Pages: 518
My Rating: 4 stars





‘God, I knew I was in trouble even then.
I was running for my life, bleeding on your floor,
and all I could think about was kissing you and damn if we got caught.’

– Lots of betrayals that I totally didn’t see coming, crazy plot twists that come out of nowhere, plenty of edge-of-your-seat moments
– Interesting side characters, and more history on the ones we already know
– People with magical abilities that aren’t overpowering; they each have an achilles heel 😉 and their power is never used as a dues ex machina

– Jin is MIA for most of the book, and it felt unnecessary. I missed his attitude and his interactions with Amani
– The book was a bit long and probably could have been shorter


‘I swear to God, if he’s hurt you, Amani, I will make him suffer for it.’
I didn’t have to guess who he was. The Sultan.
‘You don’t believe in God.’ It was all I could think to say.
His hand twitched forward, like he wanted to pull me to him,
away from everything else happening around us. ‘Then I swear to you.’

When the novel first started I was beginning to get nervous that it would be too much like the first book, and that the plot would start to drag. Luckily, the author decided to change it up a little bit and add a new perspective from inside the palace. Instead of the same storyline of hiding out in the desert and planning from afar, Amani gets up close and personal with the Sultan- she’s captured and taken prisoner. This helplessness is intensified by the Sultan finding a way to completely cripple Amani.

Just like the first book, there are sooo many characters and they all have unique names, so it’s super hard to keep track of everyone. There is a key in the beginning of the book, but I can only refer back so many times before I get tired of flipping back and forth. Also, having to keep track of Sultim/Sultima/Sultan and their real names, plus all the wives gets pretty tiring. I mentioned that it was a “con” that we didn’t get to see much of Jin in this book, but I do want to mention that I loved the time we did get to see him with Amani. Their chemistry is great, and I really appreciate that they support and care about each other, without ever trying to change or hold back the other person. I definitely want to see more of this in the next book!

There were a lot of twists in this story that I really enjoyed. Some of them didn’t necessarily have a favorable outcome for Amani and the Rebellion, but there were definitely some surprises that I didn’t see coming at all. We got to know the characters a little better and some new characters were introduced. Disappointingly Jin was missing for most of the novel, but I think this was necessary to focus on Amani and her interactions with the Sultan and Sultim. This novel ended on a pretty grim note (AKA a crazy as hell rollercoaster) and I’m glad that the next book in the series is the final book; I’m getting ready for this arc to and can’t wait for everything to be wrapped up. Hopefully the conclusion can stand up to how much I’ve enjoyed the series so far.


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