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Title: Miracle Creek
Author: Angie Kim
Genre: Mystery, Contemporary
Pages: 349
My Rating: 5 stars




In the beginning of the novel it was hard to keep all of the characters straight. There were SO many people involved and for a while the only thing that set them apart from one another was their names and a brief description of who they were. The book was also told from a large number of perspectives, which was a hard thing to keep straight, but was also something that widened the story’s dynamic. Being unsure of which narrators are reliable/unreliable and not knowing who is telling lies made it harder to sort out what really happened during the major incident this story focuses on.


“But that was the thing about lying: you had to throw in occasional kernels of shameful truths to serve as decoys for the things you really needed to hide. How easy it was, to anchor his lies with these fragments of vulnerable honesty, then twist the details to build a believable story.”


If I was going to compare this book to anything, I’d have to say that it reminded me of Big Little Lies. Everyone has secrets and they’re dragging their children right along with them. Revelations are made throughout the story that completely alter your perspective, and it is imminently clear at times that people are lying, but not clear why they’re lying. This book was much more than a courtroom drama; we got to know all of the characters, learned about their lives and their motivations. Each and every one of them felt so real, and even though they were fictional, I couldn’t help but feel for them and the things they’d gone through. I went from liking a character to disliking  them a chapter later, and vice versa.


“Did he think so much had already happened that nothing more could? But life doesn’t work like that. Tragedies don’t inoculate you against further tragedies, and misfortune doesn’t get sprinkled out in fair proportions; bad things get hurled at you in clumps and batches, unmanageable and messy. How could he not know that, after everything we’d been through?”


The author did a great job of muddying the waters- I changed my opinion on what actually happened numerous times, and wasn’t 100% sure until the actual reveal was made. My only complaint would be that the author made what actually happened into something involving too many coincidences, and it was hard to totally believe things ever would have played out the way they did. On the other hand, I appreciated how this story highlights the fact that some things in life wouldn’t have happened if just one small detail had been changed. Sometimes we are one decision away from creating or averting tragedy, and if things hadn’t gone exactly the way they did, the outcome could have been exponentially different.


“But that was the way life worked. Every human being was the result of a million different factors mixing together—one of a million sperm arriving at the egg at exactly a certain time; even a millisecond off, and another entirely different person would result. Good things and bad— every friendship and romance formed, every accident, every illness— resulted from the conspiracy of hundreds of little things, in and of themselves inconsequential.”

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