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Hi, I’m Drea! I have a passion for reading, and started this blog as a place to get all my bookish thoughts out of my head and into the world. I love getting lost in a story and enjoy discussing my experiences, and I hope to find like minded people that can share this enthusiasm with me!

My favorite reads are young adult and fantasy, but I’m always up for a good mystery or thriller. I enjoy the classics, and I’ll usually read those to refresh my mind after binge-reading one fantasy saga or another. If you’ve really enjoyed a read and recommend it to me I’ll always give it a go, no matter what the genre.

I’m a twenty-something crazy cat lady, and I have an amazing husband who is always willing to lend an ear when I’m raving about my current favorite read. I’m an avid believer that a rainy day pairs best with a good book, and I definitely spend way too much money on paperbacks, hardcovers, and “just one more” for my kindle.

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